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Believe Church LA full of gratitude and powerful worship



Believe Church LA held its Sunday service on May 7th, 2023 with Pastor Aaron and Adrian Lindsey leading the congregation. The service started with a strong worship session, and Pastor Aaron gave a few words before continuing with more worship.

Associate pastors then joined the stage for the announcements, which included a special Mother’s Day Sunday service on May 14th where Pastor Adrian Lindsey will preach. The church will also hold an online discovery track on May 16th.

The question of the day was about what fictional TV show the congregation would like to be a part of, with various answers given that brought a lighthearted moment to the service.

Pastor Aaron returned to the stage to begin his powerful sermon, expressing gratitude for the church’s multiculturalism and how it allows them to feel the presence of God. He emphasized the need to ask ourselves why we are here and be hungry for the presence of God, rather than our own plans.

The sermon concluded with a powerful prayer, inviting those who were touched and had been through difficulties to join the stage for prayer. Pastor Aaron reminded the congregation of the meaning of the word “blessed” and read a passage from the Bible. He then invited those who had not yet accepted Jesus Christ into their lives to do so, and led them in a salvation prayer.

Overall, it was a powerful and uplifting Sunday service filled with gratitude, worship, and celebration of the church’s multiculturalism.

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