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Breaking Barriers: The Fashion Journey of Alireza Karimi, Pioneer of Iranian Style

Alireza Karimi, born in 1982, is a pioneering figure in the Iranian fashion industry, carving his path as a fashion stylist and entrepreneur.



With an extensive background in fashion and style, Alireza is the manager and founder of AK tick Modeling Agency, a renowned platform for talent in Iran.

His journey into the world of fashion began with a unique distinction—he was the first graduate bachelor of “Men’s Trimming” in Iran, showcasing his early dedication to mastering the craft of grooming. Building upon this foundation, Alireza furthered his expertise by completing an associate degree in makeup, expanding his skill set to include all aspects of beauty and styling.


Since 2007, Alireza has been actively involved in hairdressing, trimming, and hair design, honing his skills and establishing himself as a reputable professional in the industry. His passion for makeup led him to pursue this art form professionally, beginning his journey as a makeup artist in 2009.

In 2011, Alireza ventured into modeling, fashion design, and styling, demonstrating his versatility and keen eye for trends and aesthetics. Over the years, he has worked with various artists, singers, and athletes in Iran, elevating their looks and creating impactful visual identities.

One of Alireza’s notable achievements is the establishment of the first Iranian International Style magazine, a project undertaken by AK tick Agency. Despite the legal restrictions on the fashion industry in Iran, particularly concerning men’s fashion, Alireza persevered, overcoming financial obstacles and numerous challenges to bring his vision to fruition.

Through his determination and innovative spirit, Alireza Karimi has made significant contributions to the Iranian fashion scene, defying barriers and pushing boundaries to showcase the country’s talent and creativity on a global stage. His commitment to excellence and passion for fashion continue to inspire aspiring stylists and entrepreneurs in Iran and beyond.


“Celebrating Impactful Achievements Across Various Fields”

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