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Beach Bxtch Bella: Where Sun Safety Meets Style, Backed by a Family’s Passion

In the world of sun safety and fashion-forward products, a family team is making waves, and their name is synonymous with both protection and elegance: Sasha Brenden, Mandana Aliyasoraya, and Johnny Brenden. Together, they are the driving force behind Beach Bxtch Bella, a brand that embodies their family bond and distinctive style.



A Passion for Sun Safety and Style

What sets Beach Bxtch Bella apart is not just their dedication to sun safety but their unwavering commitment to fashion-forward sun protection. For this dynamic trio, every sun-kissed adventure deserves the perfect blend of protection and elegance.

Parasols that Define Sun Protection and Style

Beach Bxtch Bella’s parasols are more than just sun shields; they are fashion statements. These beautifully crafted accessories not only protect you from the sun’s rays but also elevate your style game. With a Beach Bxtch Bella parasol in hand, you’re not just shielding yourself from the sun; you’re making a fashion statement.

Handheld Fans: Lightweight Refreshment on Demand

When the sun beats down, a refreshing breeze can make all the difference. That’s where Beach Bxtch Bella’s handheld fans come into play. These lightweight, portable fans ensure you stay cool and comfortable wherever your sun-soaked adventures take you. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or strolling through the city, a Beach Bxtch Bella fan is your reliable companion.

Beach Bxtch Bella: Made for Life Under the Sun

The essence of Beach Bxtch Bella is captured in its name. It’s a brand made for those who embrace the sun’s warmth and radiance but do so with style and grace. It’s about enjoying every sun-kissed moment without compromising on safety or fashion.

Supporting Cancer Research: Making Every Purchase Count

Beach Bxtch Bella’s commitment to a greater cause shines through in their partnership with the Brenden Mann Foundation. With every Beach Bxtch Bella unit purchased, one dollar is donated to support cancer research. It’s a powerful reminder that while they help you enjoy the sun safely and stylishly, they’re also contributing to a brighter, cancer-free future.

Beach Bxtch Bella isn’t just a brand; it’s a family’s labor of love and a commitment to the well-being of sun-seekers everywhere. So, the next time you’re basking in the sun with a Beach Bxtch Bella parasol in hand, you’re not just making a fashion statement – you’re part of a sun-safe revolution with heart.