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Brenda Trujillo: Empowering Women Through ActivePear & ActivePear Curves

Brenda Trujillo’s journey is one of determination, empowerment, and breaking boundaries.



As a proud Latina business owner, she’s not just redefining athletic wear; she’s redefining what it means to empower women.

From Engineering Success to Empowering Women

Brenda’s story began with a successful career at UCLA, where she held top positions in Engineering and Computer Science. But her journey didn’t stop there. She realized that her true calling was to inspire marginalized groups by pursuing her heart’s desire. That desire led her to establish ActivePear & ActivePear Curves.

ActivePear: More Than Just Athletic Wear

ActivePear isn’t your typical athletic wear brand. It’s a movement, a vision of empowerment for women everywhere. Brenda’s mission is clear: to create a brand that redefines women’s athletic wear. It’s about more than just fashion; it’s about confidence, comfort, and embracing one’s true self.

Empowering Women of All Backgrounds

One of Brenda’s core principles is inclusivity. ActivePear is designed to empower women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. It’s about celebrating individuality and embracing one’s curves. Brenda understands that empowerment comes in many forms, and it starts with feeling confident.

Setting New Standards

Brenda Trujillo isn’t just setting new standards in athletic wear; she’s setting new standards for empowerment. Her journey is an inspiration to women who dare to follow their dreams, no matter where they come from or what obstacles they face.

Join the ActivePear Movement

If you’re ready to redefine your athletic wear experience, join Brenda Trujillo and the ActivePear movement. Discover a brand that cares about your empowerment, your confidence, and your comfort. It’s not just fashion; it’s a statement.