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Powerful Worship and Prayer Experience at Believe Church LA



Believe Church LA had a special worship Sunday service on April 9th, 2023, that was led by Pastors Aaron and Adrian Lindsey. The service started with holy worship and a prayer from Pastor Aaron, who prayed for the children in the room and announced that the next week’s sermon would be about empowering.

Pastor Adrian also prayed for the children and then the worship service continued with the full presence of the Holy Spirit. Gospel songs praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ were sung, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong that many of the attendees were moved to tears.

Pastor Aaron motivated the church and reminded everyone that even when we’re going through difficult times, Jesus is here for us and will always be with us. He encouraged the church to hold on and not give up, reminding them that God understands any language and has the power to set us free.

Pastor Adrian and associate pastors then joined the stage to pray for anyone who needed prayer. The crowd began to join the stage for prayer and the worship band continued to praise the Lord.

The prayer time was intense, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable. Finally, Pastor Aaron prayed for the church to end the service.

This special worship Sunday service was a powerful reminder of the love and grace of God and the importance of coming together to worship and pray as a community. Attendees left feeling uplifted and inspired, ready to face whatever challenges may come their way, with faith in the Lord’s power to see them through.