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Artifex: A Multifaceted Artist Weaving Cuban, Finnish, and Swedish Influences into Her Music

Meet Angelica, better known as Artifex, a remarkable artist with Swedish, Cuban, and Finnish roots who has found her creative home in Los Angeles.



Her music is a harmonious blend of diverse cultural influences, reflecting her eclectic genetic mix and life experiences.

The Early Years: A Fusion of Talent

Artifex’s journey into the world of music began at Rytmus Music High School in Sweden. Her formal education laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable career in the arts. But Artifex is more than just a musician.

From Runway to Stage

Before taking the music world by storm, Artifex embarked on a modeling career in Milan, Italy. There, she graced the runways for renowned designers like REDValentino, Etro, BlueMarine, Cedric Charlier, Antonio Marras, and many more. Her time in the fashion capital of the world allowed her to embrace creativity in all its forms.

A Versatile Musician

In 2015, Artifex showcased her versatility by participating in the EXPO alongside the San Marino Philharmonic Orchestra. This performance highlighted her ability to seamlessly transition between musical genres, further solidifying her status as a multifaceted artist.

Empowering Women Through Art and Television

Artifex’s passion for music is complemented by her work in television. She hosted the show “Get It Girl” on LATV Networks, where she not only demonstrated her commitment to her craft but also her dedication to empowering women in the entertainment industry. Her additional role as a mentor and advocate showcases her desire to uplift and support fellow female artists.

A Rising Star with Authenticity

Artifex’s unique style and authentic lyrics set her apart in the music industry. Her artistic and professional growth is a journey worth following closely. As she continues to evolve, Artifex promises to be an influential artist who pushes boundaries and inspires others with her creativity.